A city with a future as exciting as its past.

Offering urban lifestyle amenities to residents visiting from here and away, in a city with a future promising to be as diverse as its history.

For Eddie Rouvalis and his family, this project is the culmination of a life’s work – an enduring tribute to the adopted city he loves. When completed, the Rouvalis family will own and manage Promenade Robie South.

The Rouvalis family, proud of its Greek heritage, understands the value of buildings that stand the test of time.

Promenade Robie South will respect the Carlton Victorian Streetscape, a nationally registered heritage gem. We will be revitalizing our two heritage properties on Carlton Street and relocating two historic homes around the corner on College Street. This will create the look and feel of a continuous streetscape of historic homes. The relocation of the homes will be carefully planned and executed. It will take time and meticulous attention to detail.

Active Lifestyles

A central location near parks, paths and green spaces.

Bracketed by the city’s top outdoor areas, the location encourages healthy living in an urban environment.

Modern Residences

Rental apartments and suites, tailored to today’s style.

Promenade Robie South offers residents the opportunity to live in modern, fully-equipped residences, or inside historic suites that offer old-world charm and new world amenities.

Urban Living

The lifestyle offers an historic urban setting.

New townhouses connect our historic properties with modern residences. All of this will border a leafy Promenade providing street-level access to quality boutiques, restaurants and cafes.

Where the city’s vibrant downtown core connects to its historic, residential neighbourhoods.