Building neighbourhoods
based on beliefs.

Promenade Robie South will be built on the same values that Eddie Rouvalis brought to Canada five decades ago.

A belief that every residence is a home, and every client is a neighbour. A belief in quality work that stands the test of time. A belief in doing the job right.

Eddie and his wife Koula emigrated from Greece in 1963. They arrived bearing a small suitcase, a commitment to family, and faith in the value of hard work. He took a job as a cook at the Armview Restaurant, where he worked for forty five years alongside his wife Koula, who worked as a waitress.

In 1965, the family acquired its first properties, four townhouses in the Fairview area of the city. Half a century later, the family still holds the Randall Street homes in its portfolio.

Today, Eddie and son Peter Rouvalis work alongside Wendell Thomas (who is married to Peter’s sister Maria Rouvalis) at Promenade Robie South.

The Rouvalis family is proud of its Greek heritage and understands the value of buildings that stand the test of time. Promenade Robie South will be part of the family’s tribute to Halifax, to its history, to magnificent older buildings, and to its future.

Attention to Detail

Respecting an historic streetscape

The Carlton Victorian Streetscape is a nationally registered heritage gem. We will be revitalizing our two heritage properties on Carlton and relocating two historic homes around the corner on College Street. This will create the look and feel of a continuous streetscape of historic homes.

Modern Residences

Designed for the needs of professionals and families

Promenade Robie South offers residents the opportunity to live in modern, fully-equipped residences, or inside historic suites that offer old-world charm and new world amenities.

A Social Life

Centrally located near the neighbourhood’s hot spots.

All of this will border a leafy Promenade providing street-level access to quality boutiques, restaurants and cafes.

Responsible Growth

Enabling healthy living in an urban environment.